About Doubtless Bay Sportfishing Club

Club Rules

Our Club Rules are given below. You may also like to view our Club Constitution.

Rule 1

Trophies can only be awarded to financial members. Any trophies for boat/launch man-skipper must be a financial member of the Club. Day members are not eligible for trophies.

Rule 2

The fishing season commences on 1st July and ends on 30th June.

Rule 3

The minimum weights for all landed fish to qualify for trophies must be:

All bill fish must weigh 90kg or over.

Broadbill exceed line weight.

All sharks must weigh 50 kg minimum, or double line weight.

Yellowfin tuna must weigh 15kg minimum or exceed line weight.

Yellowtail kingfish must weigh 15kg minimum or exceed line weight.

Shortbilled spearfish : must weigh 10kg minimum or exceed line weight.

Dorado dolphin. : must weigh 10kg minimum or exceed line weight.

Albacore. : must weigh 10kg minimum or exceed line weight.

Skipjack tuna. : must weigh 10kg minimum or exceed line weight.

Wahoo : must weigh 10kg minimum or exceed line weight.

Bass must equal or exceed line weight.

Kahawai : maximum line weight is 15 kg. : 2 kg minimum or exceed line weight.

Snapper : maximum line weight is 15 kg. : 2 kg minimum or exceed line weight.

Trevally : maximum line weight is 15 kg. : 2 kg minimum or exceed line weight.

Note: All Fish Must Comply With Government Regulations.

Rule 4

Only species involved in MAF fish tagging programming will qualify as tagged fish. You may liberate other species alive. All tagged fish will count for boat, angler and club tallies and all T & R trophies. A tag card must accompany the weigh sheet of a tagged fish to qualify. Do not tag sharks under 5kg or king-fish under one meter in length.

Rule 5

Catch Certificates will be issued on request If:

(a) The angler is a financial member of the DBSFC at the time of the catch.

(b) The fish was weighed at an official weigh station by an authorized weigh-master or assistant.

(c) The fish was tagged and released.

(d) The fish was caught in accordance with IGFA/NZSF rules, 60kg line will be the maximum line weight.

(e) To qualify as a tagged fish, they must be intentionally released while the leader is in hand.

Rule 6

In the event of a weigh-master or assistant not being available, the fish may be weighed by a committee member, plus one adult financial member.

Rule 7

The skipper, crew and angler must assist the weigh-master in the measurement and weighing of fish. Courtesy weigh anglers must produce proof of current membership of an affiliated club.

Rule 8

Competitions are open to anyone who is a financial member of the club, prior to the commencement of fishing and/or has paid their entry fee.

Rule 9

Any protests relative to the weight of the fish, manner of weighing, or identification of species must be made to the weigh-master, before the fish is removed from the vicinity of the weigh-station. Any other protest relative to fishing or competition rules must be made in writing within 48 hours of the weigh-in. A judicial committee shall adjudicate any protest received by the committee.

Rule 10

The committee shall have the right to alter, delete or add to any rules as it may deem necessary, in the interest of competitions and sport fishing, prior to the commencement of any competition.

Rule 11

Fishing area – New Zealand 200 mile exclusive economic zone.

Rules covering Pin and Trophy Awards

Rule 12

A silver pin will be presented to the angler who catches the first game fish of the season of each species, in accordance with the minimum weights. As the season progresses, each heavier fish of each species earns a silver pin except Shortbilled Spearfish, Dorado Dolphin, Albacore, Skipjack Tuna, Bass, Kahawai, Trevally and Snapper, were one pin will be awarded for the heaviest of each species for the season.

Rule 13

A silver pin with an emerald eye will be awarded to the angler who tags and releases the first marlin each season.

Rule 14

For a world record fish recognised by NZ Sport Fishing, the pin will be gold. Any angler with two world records in one day will be presented with a gold pin with a diamond eye.

Rule 15

A silver pin with a ruby eye will be presented to any angler who catches a national record in accordance with NZ Sport Fishing requirements.

Rule 16

Each year the club will present a pin to the angler with the heaviest fish caught on 15kg line or under.

Rule 17

Tag points for:

Billfish 1 fish 400 points

Sharks 1 fish 100 points

Kingfish 1 fish 50 points

Tuna 1 fish 50 points

Pacific Blue Tuna 1 fish 400 points

Rule 18

All trophy and pin fish must be weighed at an official weigh-station. Any club member, who catches within the 200 mile zone, and courtesy weighed at affiliated weigh-stations, will qualify for club trophies. If unusual or exceptional circumstances apply making it impractical to comply with the above rules, application must be made within seven days for a judicial committee decision.

Rule 19

All weigh-sheets and tag cards must be received by the club within 60 days of capture and/or no later than 7 days of the end of that financial year.

Rule 20

In the case of a tie for the number of fish caught, or tagged, a trophy will be shared unless specified in the club trophy book.

Rule 21

Fish weighed by members of a club affiliated to the NZ Sport Fishing will count for boat tallies only. Legally caught fish by a non-member, qualify for only boat and club tallies, and only if tagged and released or weighed at a DBSFC weigh-station.

Rule 22

Every 100th marlin weighed, T&R or courtesy weighed by a DBSFC member will be presented with an engraved plaque.
Anglers And Skippers Notices.

(1) Weigh sheets with all known facts must be filled in and presented to the weigh-master with the fish.

(2) When a fish is courtesy weighed at an affiliated weigh-station, it is “ THE ANGLER’S


(3) Membership cards must be presented to the weigh-master with the fish.

(4) Some New Zealand and world records plus club line records are vacant or beatable. Be aware of which these are.

(5) In view of the government decision re the “Billfish Accord” on commercial vessels, it is the club‘s policy, along with all northern clubs, to encourage and promote tag and release to conserve our marlin stock and provide vital research.

(6) Weigh Stations: Times, Locations And Max Fish Weights.

Mill Bay Wharf: Mangonui Times by appointment.500kg max
Keith Kelly - Phone: 09 406 0307 or 0276 594 975
Malcolm McMillan - Phone: 09 4060538 or 0274 722 313
Annette Hall - Phone: 0272 067 139 or VHF channel 60, Far North Radio

Coopers Beach: Times by appointment. 60kg max
Tony Banks - Phone: 09 406 0592

Rangiputa: Times by appointment. 200kg max
Kieron Olsen - Mobile 0274 861019

Times By Appointment For All Weigh-stations


Far North Coastguard Radio. Phone:: 09 406 1423 (24/7)

VHF 60 : east coast, north cape south to Whangaroa.
VHF 61: north cape to three kings.
VHF 83: west coast
SSB 4417

(8) Please note:

For various competitions and tournaments these rules may be altered by the committee of the day.

(9) Braid may be used provided a current test certificate showing its breaking strain is presented to the weigh-master with any fish caught using it.

Club Trophies List For Annual Prize Giving.

Archibald Motors Trophy: Angler heaviest kingfish.

Atu Fishing Trophy: Angler & skipper heaviest black marlin weight.

Betta Electrical Trophy: Angler most tag & release marlin.

California Trophy: Heaviest Billfish weighed.

Century 21 Salver: Most I.G.F.A. Points one marlin weighed.

Coopers Beach Cup: Angler heaviest snapper weighed (private boat)

Earl Hassan Memorial Trophy: Heaviest striped marlin angler & skipper.

Engraving Systems Trophy: Heaviest gamefish by member during nationals contest.

Errol Mills Trophy: Youngest angler snapper & kahawai.

Graham Puckey Trophy: Angler most marlin weighed Mangonui.

Johno Johnston Broadbill Trophy: Heaviest broadbill angler & skipper.

Junior Sportfishing Trophy: Angler most points single fish weighed. Kingfish, Snapper, Kahawai, Trevally.

Len Lange Trophy: Heaviest shark weighed for the season.

Mainzeal Shield: Mangonui marlin classic heaviest marlin.

Male, Female & Junior Champion Angler: Male Champion Angler: committee prize angler most I.G.F.A. Points all gamefish.

Female Champion Angler: committee prize angler most I.G.F.A. Points all gamefish.

Junior Champion Angler: committee prize angler most I.G.F.A. Points all gamefish.

Mangonui Fisheries Cup: Heaviest gamefish of the season.

Mangonui Haulage Cup: Angler heaviest yellow fin tuna weighed.

Mangonui Hire Centre Trophy: Most I.G.F.A. Points all gamefish private boat.

Mangonui I.T.M. Trophy: Angler heaviest blue marlin weighed.

Moana Fisheries Trophy: Launch (charter) most tag & released billfish.

Nationals Heaviest Fish: Angler heaviest fish during the nationals.

Nationals Team Most Points: Team most points during the nationals.

Noel & Elaine Hartley Trophy: Angler heaviest striped marlin weighed private boat.

Shell Taipa Trophy: Most tag & release billfish private launch.

Shoreline Fisheries Trophy: Most yellowfin tuna weighed on a private boat.

Snooks Fuller Trophy: First tag & release marlin of the season.

Sports Far North Trophy: Junior combined weights heaviest snapper &trevally.

The 10 Kg Snapper Trophy: Snapper 10kg & over.

The Wharf Store Trophy: Heaviest striped marlin weighed “lady angler”

Trevor Frear Trophy: First marlin of the season weighed.

Trevor & Diana Hall Shield: Most marlin weighed private boat.

Val Urlich Trophy: Most meritorious catch of the season.

Westpac Junior Trophy: Heaviest game fish weighed by junior.

Please also read….

After a few issues that have surrounded the recording of catch cards in the past, we have reviewed the way in which these are now handled. It is up to the angler themselves to take a photo of their Catch cards after they have been filled out with a nominated weigh master for the Club or as a courtesy weigh. Then you must email a photo of your catch along with a photo of your catch card and any other relevant information to info@doubtlessbaysportfishingclub.nz.

The Club will also continue to collect a physical copy of catch cards and these will still be recorded by our club recorder. This will hopefully solve any issues if a catch card is lost or misplaced. All emails of catch cards will be kept for our records and for yours, should you ever need a copy.

The same goes for your tag cards. Fill out the appropriate catch card details and send a photo of both items to the email address as above.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us with your query. We are trying to simplify this process so we can all spend more time fishing and less time chasing up paperwork.